How to install PGP on Windows

In this guide we are going to set up Kleopatra, the software needed to create/manage and use PGP keys.
First download the PGP software from the official download page:
Now start the installation process and click next, uncheck everything exept the 'Kleopatra' box, click next and install it.
Start the Kleopatra software, click on 'New Key Pair', then click on 'advanced Settings' and change your key to 4096bit which is supported by Nightmare Market. Fill out a random Name and Email, click 'Next' and then 'Create'. Choose a password [16 or more characters long containing numbers and special characters]. Now your private key will be displayed, click on 'Make a Backup Of Your Key Pair' to get a copy of your private key. Check the box 'ASCII armor'.
Now export your public key by clicking 'Export', save it somewhere and remember to keep your private key safe and private!
You should now have two files: the public key and the private key. [to view them: drag and drop into Notepad].

How to import a Public key