Jabber Notification Guide

In order to use the jabber notification System you need to create an account on our official jabber server for notifications.
Download pidgin Instant messanger from the official website and install it.
Now we have to configure Pidgin to work with Tor, since the jabber server is an .ONION domain to create/connect to an account you need to configure Pidgin to access using Tor browser. Click under 'Tools' on 'Preferences'. TIP: if you have other Jabber accounts you can select that only this one will connect using Tor. Remove the previous proxy configurations and click on the tab 'Proxy' in the account creation window.
In 'Preferences' switch to the 'Proxy' tab and input following information:
Proxy type: Tor/Privacy (SOCK5).
Port: 9150
Now create an account on the Nightmare Jabber server: click on 'Account' and next on 'Manage Accounts'. A window will open and now click on 'Add...'. Time to create your account:
Protocol: XMPP
Domain: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion
Choose your Username and Password, select 'Create this new account on the server' and then click 'Add'.
Now it is time to confirm your newly created account: fill out the account information and click 'Ok'. TIP: Since the jabber server is .onion the account creation may fail the first time, try to enable and disable the account or to check again if you checked the “Create this new account on the server” box.

After creating the account it is finally time to enable and configure Jabber notification system.
Click on under the User icon. Fill out the requested information and choose what notification you want to receive. TIP: If you have a vendor account you can be notify even for New Sales.